Jeb Bush: Women And Minorities Aren't Voting Republican Because Of "Tone"


Heather snagged Jeb! on Sunday's "Meet The Press," explaining why women and minorities are overwhelmingly rejecting the Republican Party.

JEB!: I'm concerned about it over the long haul for sure. Our demographics are changing and we have to change not necessarily our core beliefs, but how we -- the tone of our message and the message and the intensity of it, for sure.

Talk about wishful thinking.

While it's true all of the nativism, race baiting, and women-bashing isn't helping their cause, the reason women and minorities aren't voting Republican is because of policy, not just "tone" and "intensity."

So, the Republicans will have to give up the idea that the solution to our immigration dilemma starts with forcibly deporting 12 million people. They'll have to change their belief that the path to prosperity involves cutting taxes for rich people while slashing services for everyone else. They'll have to give up the radical belief that a zygote deserves the same constitutional protections as an adult. They'll have to stop insisting that the real problem with this country is that, as Paul Ryan put it, too many people (and we know which people, wink-wink) are snoozing on the government "hammock." And they'll have to stop their relentless assault on organizations committed to women's health.

It must be comforting to hear, but it's simply delusional to say Republicans just have a marketing problem.


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