Sarah Palin Would Punch You In The Neck

Sarah Palin Would Punch You in the Neck


...if you had called her fat while she had been pregnant. Or at least that's what she said she would have wanted to do. That was her take on the issue of whether or not criticism of the very pregnant Jessica Simpson was fair or not. This is the sort of thing they talk about on morning shows. If so, Ms Palin may have found her true calling in just the right venue for her.

via The Today Show, two minutes from an almost ten of mind-numbing tv.

The self described “mama grizzly” had no problem weighing in on talking points with the other Professionals, Star Jones, Donnie Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman, breezing through such topics as criticism over singer Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain: “I would have wanted to punch them in the neck,” Palin said of anyone who might have done the same to her during her own five pregnancies. "It’s nobody’s business."

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