Countdown: The World According To W

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Welcome to BushWorld, an Orwellian nightmare of epic proportions. As has been so astutely pointed out, facts have a liberal bias, so the press conference that Bush held yesterday was completely devoid of any liberal bias. As Keith Olbermann says:

1984 had new-speak. We have Bush-speak. Rhetoric designed to obfuscate reality and to quell dissent. [..] The country was treated to a full 45 minute dosage of it this morning. The President holding a news conference to once again reiterate his own version of events: the surge in Iraq is working, the Iraqi government is making progress, America is not heading towards a recession, and of course, Democrats are trying to kill us all by not giving telecom companies immunity.

Watch how truly bizarre the press conference was to anyone who has two braincells to rub together. Note too that while Bill Plante and David Gregory asked the kind of questions we should see from a press corps, few--if any--media outlets took the time that Olbermann did to show how contradictory and without substance the President's words were.


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