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Does American Idol Like

Click here. The NY Post wonders too. Will Hugh Hewitt jump on this story and proclaim that the "power "of the blogs is now absolute?

Simple Simon

Simple Simon via Roger AIles There's a word for this post. Genius. Read it.

Fun With Bush

Is President Bush Wired? [media id=13038]-WMP [media id=13039]-QT Emailer: Hey - am I the only one that saw Bush wired AGAIN in last night's debat

Good News From Iraq!

Needlenose Of the 275 members of the new National Assembly, 274 were not assassinated in their homes last night. Isn't that great news?

Just Like Tom Delay's Blues

Exiled from the Underworld GOP to Reverse Ethics Rule Blocking New DeLay Probe January Change Led Democrats to Shut Down Panel House Republican

Small v U.S.

Supreme Court Update The Spitfire's GrillIn a baffling roll-reversing decision by the US Supreme Court today, Scalia and Thomas voted with the Gun-Con