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James Wolcott weighs in: Democrats like Gore and Kerry have to weigh and calibrate their every move because one ill-chosen word or phrase or gesture w

Why Does Dick Cheney Hate America?

From Atrios It's bizarre really. He cut the budget, cut the personnel, cut a lot of weapons systems. This is actually a serious issue. Cheney ha

Scared Of Moore

The latest buzz in the health-care industry has nothing to do with new drugs or medical treatments. It's all about moviemaker Michael Moore and where

Sick Of Tim Russert

I am getting so sick and tired of watching Tim Russert on "MTP" throw softballs to the Condi Rice's of the Republican world, and then grill John Edwar

From Atrios

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania) August 17, 1996, Saturday, SOONER EDITION David D. Smith, president and chief executive officer of Sinclair B

Bush Flip Flops Again.

Bush Recasts Rationale For War After ReportIn announcing 19 months ago that the United States was poised to invade Iraq, President Bush told the natio

Video Clip Of The Day

In honor of the Redsox vs Yankees playoff series. Derek Jeter's great catch. Click here to watch Med resolution Click here to watch low resolution

Funny Lies At The Town Hall Debate

Bush forgets he owns a tree-growing company.Analysis Bush's Timber Company Kerry: The president got $84 from a timber company that owns, and he's co