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American StupidSpeak

by Mel Seesholtz, Ph.D. for Counterbias If you're living in the American theocracy under the reign of King George the W, learning American StupidSp

Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal

Kash of Angry Bear Is Upset Employment is almost exactly the same as it was four years ago, even though there are an extra twelve million Americans

Powerline Is In Spin Mode

via Talk Left: The right-wing blogosphere can now wipe that egg off their keyboards... read on Watch the right try to spin themselves out of this one

O'Reilly Just Said..

...that his O'Reilly Factor for Kids was required reading in some schools. Video-Wmp--QT later I've done some searching and can't find any schools

The World Is Going Crazy

Florida eyes allowing residents to open fire whenever they see threat MIAMI (AFP) - Florida's legislature has approved a bill that would give reside

ABC News Investigates Delay

ABC has put up the transcript. Some of the more interesting quotes: The DeLay trip to the South Pacific island, originally reported by a "20/20" inve


Powerbozos via Digby: You know, I'm a big fan of blogging. I dabble in it myself. But, this absurd notion on the part of some bloggers that they are

Doctor's Store Bought Award

via ctx3 ABCnews reports that physicians all over America are being awarded the distinction of "Physician of the Year". Seems strange that so many pe

Cornyn Stands By His Madness

via The Carpetbagger Report A day after suggesting judges who are the victim of violence may have somehow brought their fate upon themselves, Sen. J