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The Robin Hood Tax And The Banker

A Robin Hood Tax on the banks could raise tens of billions to help protect public services, fight poverty and tackle climate change at home and abroad.

Fox Blames Union For Hostess Bankruptcy - Ignores CEO Pay And Hedge Funds

It wouldn't be a Saturday on Fox's so-called "business block" without several rounds of union bashing and this week was no exception with the panel on Neil Cavuto's show continuing to attack the labor union, rather than management and the hedge fund managers, for the demise of Hostess -- Fox Ignores Hostess' Array Of Troubles To Scapegoat Union For Liquidation:

JPMorgan Reveals $2B Losses

JPMorgan Chase has disclosed $2 billion in lossesfrom a trading group’s credit investments, causing the bank’s share price to plummet in after-hours trading. Via: Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan, blamed “errors,