Mike's Blog Round Up

State of the Day: The script doctor's 'narrative.' Politicker: Oklahoma politician's offensive comic book - with the phrase "anal sodomy" in it - doe

The AP Walked Right Into A Buzz Saw

I'm a little behind this story, but yes, the AP acted like goons when they threatened the Drudge Retort with a lawsuit over fair use. I would imagine

Mike's Blog Roundup

Senate Guru: Senate Republicans call our troops unpatriotic. David Seaton's News Links: Eric Stone's story: "Me and Obama's Mama" Comments from Left

What's Wrong With This Picture?

These are the top 10 Most Influential Political Pundits in America, according to the Telegraph UK. Sing along with me: "One of these things is not l

Mike's Blog Roundup

Angry Bear: John McCain - A real standup guy with the solution to poverty. TPM Election Central: The boys over at MSNBC have had to do a lot of apolo