WhoWhatWhy: Innoculating You To The BS On Television

An update in the persecution of journalist/hacktivist Barrett Brown, a few goodies pertaining to the George W. Bush Presidential Library, and some handy A/V clips to keep us sane in the midst of all the nonsense.

Jennifer Rubin Calls Matthews Going After Priebus' Race Baiting 'Unhinged'

Howard Kurtz apparently thinks there wasn't anyone more qualified than Mitt Romney fan-girl and neocon, right-wing blogger Jennifer Rubin to weigh in on Chris Matthews' dust up on Morning Joe last week with RNC chairman, Reince Priebus, because that's one of the guests he brought on Reliable Sources to discuss it this Sunday.

Sharron Angle's 'Second Amendment Remedies' Considered Mainstream Now?

After Sharron Angle went on ABC News and basically reiterated her "Second Amendment remedies" statements and repeated that if Republicans don't like the election results, they may end up turning to their guns, or armed insurrection, Rachel Maddow asks, just what does a Republican political candidate have to say these days to finally be considered out of the mainstream?