Spain To Halt Evictions After Homeowner Suicides

Moments before Ameia Egana, aged 53, was to be evicted from her fourth floor apartment, she clambered over the balcony railing and jumped to her death. Police at the scene said she died on impact. It is the second suicide in Spain in a matter

U.S. Sues Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the latest collateral damage from the housing boom. U.S. prosecutors are suing the bank -- the country’s largest originator of home loans -- for defrauding the government, accusing it of issuing mortgages without proper

Homes, Banks, And Politics: Round 2 Of Settlement Talks

Now that the big settlement talks with the banks are over, and most of the reporters have gone home, not very many people are paying attention to what is going on in the financial fraud task force, or in the continuing conversations between various

Zombie Mortgages Rise From The Dead

More and more, homeowners say that mortgages they thought were dead and buried are springing back to life, sometimes haunting them all the way into foreclosure.

60 Minutes: Another Good Reason To Occupy Foreclosed Homes?

Yet another good reason to occupy the homes: Foreclosure thieves have gone high tech. They know when evictions are occurring because they're posted online. And they will follow the sheriff. They're usually there that afternoon or that evening. 60 Minutes looks at how people in Cleveland, Ohio are dealing with the growing blight left by foreclosure and the scavengers who prey on the vacant homes.