Reagan years

Weekend Talkshows Past - Face The Nation: Persian Gulf Policy - June 1987.

Weekend Talkshows Past - Face The Nation: Persian Gulf Policy - June 21, 1987. News regarding U.S. decision to re-flag Kuwaiti Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf. Reports Iran is Mining Persian Gulf. Outcome of U.S.S. Stark bombing incident. Interviews with Under Secretary of State Michael Armacost and Chairman of The House Armed Services Committee, Les Aspin. Leslie Stahl moderates.

March 5, 1982 - John Belushi: Dead At 33.

John Belushi (w/Chevy Chase). A mad scramble for answers. News of this day in 1982 was pretty sad. It had been reported that actor John Belushi had died earlier in the day from "natural causes". Only as the hours went by did the news reports get

Newstalgia Reference Room - An Iran-Contra Primer.

Newstalgia Reference Room with a 1987 NPR Special Program on the Iran-Contra Affair, hosted by Cokie Roberts and featuring Daniel Schorr discussing the scandal and its beginnings and the Oliver North testimony - first broadcast on July 1987. Also featuring a KCRW interview with Congressman Newt Gingrich on his impressions of the scandal.

September 9, 1983 - School Daze.

News of the day for September 9, 1983 - the School desegregation odyssey continues with teachers going out on strike in Missouri and schools shut down in Newport Oregon over budget cuts and loss of collective bargaining in the spotlight in with teachers in New Haven Connecticut.

August 11, 1982 - Beirut And Taxes ("Don't Call It Increase - Call It Reform")

News of the day for August 11, 1982 - Fighting in Beirut continues between Israel and the PLO. Convicted killer Frank Coppola executed making 5th person executed in U.S. since 1976. Reagan selling his $99 Billion Dollar Tax bill, calling it "reform" and not an "increase". The American Bar Association debating a reform of the Ethics Code.