Saxby Chambliss

Sen. Jeff Sessions Blames Porn For Military Sexual Assaults

It looks like Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III decided to give his fellow Armed Services Committee member, Saxby Chambliss, a run for his money to see who could make the most absurd statement during the hearing on sexual assault in the military this Tuesday.

Jon Stewart Takes Apart GOP Warmongers On Syria

Following months on end of watching the likes of Sen. Lindsey Graham and his BFF Sen. John McCain do their best to beat the war drums for the United States to be injecting ourselves into Syria's two year long civil war, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took the lot of them to task for their push to intervene in that country with very little thought involved as to what happens next if we would decide to intervene.

The Daily Show: Swing Of The Hill

With the Supreme Court weighing in on the issue of gay marriage this week and such sorry pronouncements like the one we heard from Justice Samuel Alito where he called the issue "newer than cell phones or the Internet," The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took his viewers though some of the "evolving" views we've seen from our politicians over the recent weeks.