Weekend Gallimaufry

Weekend Gallimaufry - Stranded On An Ice Floe In 1938.

Weekend Gallimaufry - Stranded On An Ice Floe in 1938 - A group of Russian scientists, studying the Arctic, were stranded on an ice floe and adrift for several months before finally being rescued before the ice floe broke apart. Interviews with the scientists who took part in the expedition. Shortwave from Moscow - March 23, 1938.

Weekend Gramophone - Besancon Festival - 1949

(Almost that time again) As you know, one of my biggest guilty pleasures is listening to old live concerts - really old ones. A few weeks ago I posted an excerpt of a New York Philharmonic concert from 1960 featuring Fritz Reiner. This time

Weekend Gallimaufry - Frank Zappa And Zubin Mehta Talk Music.

Weekend Gallimaufry with a roundtable panel discussion on the state of Classical Music and music in general in the US. Featuring Frank Zappa, Los Angeles Philharmonic conductor Zubin Mehta, Los Angeles Philharmonic Manager Ernest Fleischmann, Film music composer David Raksin and KPFK moderators Lew Merckelson and William Strother. Recorded circa 1968-69 (rebroadcast in 1971).