Nicole Belle

The Damage Done

The Damage Done

Nicole Sandler discusses the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Woody Allen scandal, and more. Plus Jason Leopold on being labelled a "FOIA Terrorist" and C&L's Nicole Belle with Fools on the Hill.

Nicole Belle Muses On The Family Life Of C&L

Our own Nicole Belle was interviewed by Matthew Emmer at Messaging Matters this week, and I thought you all might enjoy reading it, especially her thoughts on why she does what she does here: In terms of becoming active, I was invited to a

Fools On The Hill: Nicole And Nicole On The Radio 10-04-10

Our own Nicole Bell did her weekly Fools on the Hill segment with Nicole Sandler and this week, I got to listen to them on my satellite radio since Nicole Sandler was filling in for Thom Hartmann who's in the middle of moving his show to their

Tea Party Liberty Vs The Liberty 'Belle'

Our own Nicole Belle joined Shane-O and The LeftNeck Chick to talk about the Republican's newly released "Pledge to America." As Nicole noted they're probably relying on most of their voters being completely ignorant about what's even in that

Funked In The Night Or Not With Nicole Belle

Our own Nicole Belle joined Shane-O and LeftNeck Chick for some Friday night podcasting fun: In the third hour, which was the Funked in the Head / Turn up the Night joint venture, we had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with one of our heroes.

Fools On The Hill: Nicole And Nicole On The Radio 8-23-10

In case you missed it like I did, here's our own Nicole Belle with Nicole Sandler with their Fools on the Hill Sunday talking heads show roundup from past Monday. Nicole Sandler has more here: Grayson & Tudor – Florida Progressives!