Frame By Frame

Dear Religious Extremists, The Cameras Are Staying And That's Final.

Oakland To Punish Cops For Handling Of Occupy Protesters

View more videos at: Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said today that he wants to discipline 44 of his officers for misconduct in their handling of Occupy Oakland protesters at three major demonstrations in the

Big Brother Is Watching

"Ring of Steel" likens the surveillance-happy police state in New York City—whose violent, militaristic tactics were exposed thanks to the emergence of Occupy Wall Street—to a discordant cacophony of noise music set against stark concrete from which cameras sinisterly protrude. Thousands of cameras capture our visage each day—something this film won't let you forget.

#OccupyWallStreet: NYPD Targets Media

Here's another view of the earlier video of the NYPD arrests yesterday at the Winter Garden atrium in Lower Manhattan's financial district. Early in the video above, you'll see officers clearly single out a male member of the media with a