This Is What Democracy Looks Like?!?

This Is What Democracy Looks Like?!?

Egypt state television and security officials say troops moved to clear supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, with reports of the dead and injured differing substantially.

Morsi Supporters Killed In Cairo

At least 42 Morsi supporters were killed early Monday in Cairo and an estimated 300 injured, allegedly while at morning prayers at the Republican Guard compound—and the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an uprising in response.

Occupy Oakland Lawsuit Settled For $1.17 Million

The Oakland City Council approved a 1,170,000 settlement Tuesday night in a civil rights lawsuit brought by a National Lawyers Guild legal team on behalf of journalist Scott Campbell and 11 other persons who were injured in the Oakland Police Department's violent response to Occupy Oakland in the fall of 2011.

Over 100 Students Perished In Brazil Nightclub Fire

New details have emerged about the deadly fire that swept through a Brazilian nightclub. Guards reportedly first tried to prevent people from leaving, but the death toll was also increased because there was only one door through which club-goers could exit.