Oops! DHS Really Was Monitoring Occupy's Twitter Stream

Honestly, anyone who still thinks DHS wasn't monitoring the Occupy protests is just too silly to live. Once you have a full-scale operation that's supposed to monitor threats, they're going to look at everything - because they're paranoid

Alleged 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested

A prominent member of the amorphous hacktivist collective Anonymous was reportedly turned informant by the FBI, leading to the arrest of five hackers in three countries. Prosecutors announced charges Tuesday against the men, spread across

Stratfor VP: US Has Sealed Assange Indictment

The joint Wikileaks, Anonymous release of over 5 million leaked Stratfor emails on Monday confirms what many suspected since the detention of Julian Assange ...that the U.S. would press possible charges of espionage or conspiracy related to the release of hundreds of thousands of leaked state department cables. The U.S. not only already holds a sealed indictment of Assange, they've been patiently sitting on it for over 12 months.