Aurora mass shooting

Newtown, Firefighter, Aurora Shooters Used Same Model Gun

You too can fire bullets fast enough to feel like a master of the universe! I was looking on YouTube, and there are a lot of instruction videos on how to fire this and other semi-automatic weapons as a full-on automatic -- what they call "bump

The NRA's Terrorism

(h/t Heather) Honestly, let's all stop beating around the bush. Doing some simple math, when the last the mass shooting occurred at Texas A&M, before the most recent one at the Empire State Building--yes, many were shot by police, or those who

Dick Armey: Don't Control Guns Because Cars Can Kill People Too

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey on Thursday argued that guns should not be regulated after the massacre that killed 12 and wounded 58 in Colorado because the suspect could have "taken a car and driven it into a school bus" -- and firearm

Philly Top Cop: Why Not Have Gun Registration?

The useful thing about This Week's George Stephanopoulos interview with Philadelphia's impressive top cop Charles Ramsey is how sensibly Ramsey responds to the idea that having civilians with weapons on the scene of the Aurora massacre would have

Mayor Bloomberg: Hold Obama, Romney Accountable On Gun Control

CBS's Bob Schieffer spoke to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg this Sunday about the shootings in Aurora, CO this weekend and unlike some of our other politicians out there, Bloomberg wasn't worried about any backlash from the NRA with speaking out on the need for some rational gun control laws in America and to enforce the ones that are already on the books.