US Marines Killed At Afghan Base Where Prince Harry Is Stationed

Afghan militants armed with rocket propelled grenades managed to break into a main U.S. Marine base in Afghanistan Friday, killing at least two and wounding an unknown amount. A spokesman says the attack may still be ongoing and that there has been major damage done to buildings, an aircraft hangar, and several military jets. According to a NATO spokesman, Prince Harry was on the base at the time of the attack but was "never in any danger."

Iraq: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

It was a Bloody Sunday, indeed for Iraqis as bombs and small arms attacks claimed at least 75 lives and left another 285 wounded in a series of attacks that targeted the country’s security forces. The onslaught by insurgents struck a dozen

Teen Suicide Bomber Strikes In Kabul

A 14-year-old suicide bomber attacked NATO headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday, killing six civilians and wounding five, including children. No soldiers were struck. The teenage attacker was wearing a vest packed with explosives,