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Meet the Press Video Review9/11 CommisionersKean and Hamilton. VideoMorality in AmericaFalwell,Sharpton,Land, and Wallis.DR. FALWELL: Jim, let me ask

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9/11 Commisioners

Kean and Hamilton.


Morality in America

Falwell,Sharpton,Land, and Wallis.

DR. FALWELL: Jim, let me ask you a question. Did you vote for John Kerry?

REV. WALLIS: I did vote for John Kerry.

DR. FALWELL: Now, he is pro-choice. How can you as an ordained minister--you are an ordained minister, right?

REV. WALLIS: Jerry--Jerry...

DR. FALWELL: How could you vote for some--I wouldn't vote for my mother if she were pro-choice.

Video Part I

Russert: And, Reverend Land, you went on to explain it this way: "If a husband does not want his wife to work outside the home, then she should not work outside the home." Is that your vision of America?

DR. LAND: It's my vision for Christian families. I don't think that the law has anything to do with it. That was a statement about the theological belief of Southern Baptists.

Video Part II

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