Randall Terry's Freak Show

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On Hannity and Colmes, Terry would not discuss the recently sold donor list and got down right hostile that Colmes even brought up the subject.

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Colmes: Do you think it's using the life of Terri Shiavo to promote an ideological agenda, when they are selling a list of email addresses and names and coming out on the same day of her death?

Terry: Yea.. I can't comment on any of that....

Now the real reason that Randall is down there comes out.

Terry: Terri's life is going to have impact.....is going to have good fruit...literally for years to come...

The fruit of say an expensive list that was just sold to promote anti-abortion agendas?

Colmes does "his" best to keep pressing.

Terry: You go on these bizarre rabbit trails...

Then to continue with cable TV's ghoulish behavior

MSNBC had to cut away from Hardball to make sure we got a good listen to Randall Terry sing and play a little piano at the memorial service. I mean a good crooner (see John Ashcroft sing )can bring in more donations. Has anybody on MSNBC actually talked about his life on the air?

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Am I wrong here? Is this just plain ugly?


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