Newsweek's Got A Problem: Omits Own Poll That Has Hillary Beating McCain

John MCain is a Saint---don't ya know!. As Chris Matthews tells us:

"Every time I look at a poll. And I expect McCain to win everyone of these polls. The press loves McCain. We’re his base I think sometimes."

The "press loves McCain" narrative is made crystal clear by Newsweek when they failed to mention the polling data from their big cover story about Hillary and Obama:" Is America Ready?" Hillary beat McCain and Giuliani in their own internal poll. Wouldn't that have been a huge story? Matthews constantly tells his audience that Giuliani and McCain destroy Hillary in every poll he sees. Early polls don't really very mean much at all, but you can see how the media narrative is being played out already.
This might be the first poll I've seen with Hillary beating the Saint. Why isn't Newsweek shouting it from the rafters? Steve runs the data down.

* Asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and John McCain, Clinton enjoyed a seven-point lead in the Newsweek poll, 50% to 43%. (Among self-identified independents, with whom McCain is supposed to excel, the two were tied at 45% each.)

* Asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, Clinton led 48% to 47%.

* Asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, Clinton is ahead 58% to 32%.

* Asked to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain, McCain’s lead was only two points, 45% to 43%, despite the fact that a far larger percentage of respondents said they weren’t very familiar with Obama.

* Obama trailed Giuliani by a similar margin (47% to 44%), and led Romney, 55% to on"


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