Good Riddance To The Neo-con Dream

Sadly, I believe that reports of neo-conservatism's demise may be premature, but nevertheless, let's celebrate the awakening of the media to its destructive force in our actions. For so long, PNAC has been given a pass by the media in just how wrong their theories are. I'd like to think of this as a growing drumbeat of accountability. Just wish it was the American media instead of the British. Nothing would make me happier than the day that Bill Kristol and his group loses their pundit status for being so irretrievably wrong.

BBC: (h/t Gregory)

The neo-conservative dream faded in 2006.

US soldier on a weapons search in a Baghdad house
Iraq was meant to be the showcase for a New American Century

The ambitions proclaimed when the neo-cons' mission statement "The Project for the New American Century" was declared in 1997 have turned into disappointment and recriminations as the crisis in Iraq has grown.

"The Project for the New American Century" has been reduced to a voice-mail box and a ghostly website. A single employee has been left to wrap things up.

The idea of the "Project" was to project American power and influence around the world.

[..]"Neo-conservatism has gone for a generation, if in fact it ever returns," says one of the movement's critics, David Rothkopf, currently at the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, and a former official in the Clinton administration.

"Their signal enterprise was the invasion of Iraq and their failure to produce results is clear. Precisely the opposite has happened," he says.

"The US use of force has been seen as doing wrong and as inflaming a region that has been less than susceptible to democracy.

"Their plan has fallen on hard times. There were flaws in the conception and horrendously bad execution. The neo-cons have been undone by their own ideas and the incompetence of the Bush administration.

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