The New Front: Iranians In Iraq

We all remember in the months following 9/11 how the nomenclature changed. Sneaky, almost imperceptible if you weren't paying attention (and polls at that time showed that most people weren't), the dialogue changed from Al Qaeda and the Taliban to Saddam and Iraq. And we know where that got us: two miserable failures for wars. *

There has been this knot in the pit of my stomach since Bush's escalation speech that they're doing it again. Without dealing with the complete FUBAR they've created in Iraq, the framing is shifting. Now Iranians are the "problem," and the administration is revving up their echo chamber to drown out the failures of Iraq with hatred towards Iranians.

* Wording changed for clarity

NY Times: (reg. req.)

Over the past three weeks, in two sets of raids and newly revealed orders issued by President Bush, a third front has opened - against Iran.

Administration officials say the goal is limited to preventing Iranians from aiding in attacks on American and Iraqi forces inside Iraq. But in recent interviews and public statements, senior members of the Bush administration have made it clear that their agenda goes significantly further, toward foiling Iran's dream of emerging as the greatest power in the Middle East.


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