Gibson Is Just Plain "FOX Stupid" On Obama And Smoking

obama-cigs.jpg "FOX stupid" is a new label I have for this trash. Can't they just attack his name? John Gibson, a resident Bush Cultist, has a segment devoted to Obama smoking ciggies. Yes, enquiring minds want to know why "nobody sees him smoking." Thanks Roger Ailes.

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Gibson: You never see a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. A question is----would you vote for a smoker as President?


John McWhorter, from the Manhattan Institute gives us this crack analysis: "...and again the only reason it looks plausible is because we see something about his being brown that creates that. It's almost like he's Mammy."

I guess that refers to Al Jolson. Is this the new comedy show for the FNS by 24's Joel Surnow? (h/t Scarce for the vid)


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