ABC's Terry Moran Should Be Ashamed

Go leave a comment on ABC's blog for Terry after this disturbing article. ABC should be held accountable---again. Glenn Greenwald explains...

Terry Moran of ABC News predictably chimes in on this topic -- echoing the sentiments of his brother, right-wing blogger Rick Moran of "Right Wing NutHouse" ("My brother Terry (who has a new blog that you should bookmark immediately) gets it exactly right") and Michelle Malkin (amazing how often the Liberal MSM does that) -- with an article entitled Does John Edwards Condone Hate Speech? Moran bascially recites all of the lines coming from his brother and the other right-wing bloggers on this subject.

That's an excellent display of recitation skills, Terry. Why not engage in the actual function of a journalist -- research and investigation -- and find your own original material by looking at the writings of some other bloggers, such as Patrick Ruffini, Jon Henke, and Hynes? Moran asks: "If a Republican candidate teamed up with a right-wing blogger who spewed this kind of venom, how would people react?" That is a good question. Moran should go find out.

I know they've had their credibility shot so they're looking for someone to attack, but right wing bloggers have opened up a Pandora's box they will not like. Developing...


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