Memo To The Edwards Camp

It will be quite telling if John Edwards listens to the likes of Donohue and the right wing nutosphere.

The New York Times and Associated Press have both reported criticism by Catholic League president Bill Donohue of two bloggers hired by John Edwards' presidential campaign; Donohue contends that the bloggers are "anti-Catholic, vulgar, trash-talking bigots."

But neither the Times article, by reporter John M. Broder, nor the AP article, by writer Nedra Pickler, included any mention of Donohue's own history of vulgar, trash-talking bigotry -- or of Donohue's decision to dismiss anti-Catholic bigotry on the part of a key anti-Kerry operative in on

A blast from the past. Here's William in one of his embarrassing tirades against Hollywood.

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Donohue: They will do anything for a buck, they wouldn’t care. If you asked them to sodomize their own mother in a movie they would do so-and they would do it with a smile on their face.

Stewart: In my defense I was young, and I needed the money.


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