BREAKING: New Emails Implicate Rove Further In Purge Scandal

rove.jpg This is what happens when Congress asserts its oversight role and demands answers and evidence.

ABC News:

New unreleased e-mails from top administration officials show that the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys was raised by White House adviser Karl Rove in early January 2005, indicating Rove was more involved in the plan than the White House previously acknowledged.

The e-mails also show that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales discussed the idea of firing the attorneys en masse weeks before he was confirmed as attorney general.

The e-mails directly contradict White House assertions that the notion originated with recently departed White House counsel Harriet Miers, and was her idea on

UPDATE: It also appears that the White House may have violated it's mandatory record-keeping obligations with regard to the purge and Abramoff scandals. CREW is on it and asking Waxman to investigate.


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