The Pat Tillman Story: A National Disgrace

pat-tillman.jpg As you know I've been following the Tillman case for a while now and it's sickening that on "document dump Friday"---this announcement comes out.

NBC has confirmed the Pentagon Inspector General report finds that nine army officers, including as many as four generals - knew that former NFL star Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in April 2004, but neglected to share his cause of death with Tillman's family until weeks after his nationally televised memorial service.

Update: Officials: Nine to be held to account on Tillman.

jake-plummer-small.jpg You may remember his ex-teammate---Jake Plummer's segment on HBO.

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King: When you first heard that they hid these irregularities, were you outraged?

Plummer: It just made you feel kinda sick that they’d cover up something like that to–for whatever reason. We were all led to believe he died in leading his troops up the hill and then they come tell us it wasn’t–it was friendly fire. What can you do– you’re at their mercy just feel for the family…

His brother also had spoke out against this administration and the war....


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