Mike's Blog Roundup

Senate 2008 Guru: The National Republican Senatorial Committee is 0-for-13 thus far in recruitment for 2008 Senate races that are Democratic-incumbent-held or open seats...and Cliff Schecter holds his nose and surveys the GOP presidential candidates

Prairie Weather: In case there's anyone left with the slightest doubt, the US Attorney dismissals were notably political

State of the Day: Bush and Nixon. Even governments of freely elected officials often become unaccountable and, as we have seen recently, autocratic.

The Agonist: General Petraeus should be immediately relieved of his command...and the loathesome Republican caucus is betting lives on assurances they don't believe

Informed Comment: A 15 percent increase in Iraqi deaths despite the 'surge'

NO QUARTER: This will put to bed, once and for all, the canard that Victoria Toensing, Novak or any other BUSHCO shill is a qualified expert on the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. Bullocks.


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