I'm In The Mood For Love

kate-oberine.jpg Why is Kate O'Beirne doing Meet the Press? The lineup was Kate O'Beirne of the National Review, PBS’s Judy Woodruff, and David Gregory & Chuck Todd of NBC News. All journalists and one partisan hack. When it came to the topic of Matthew Dowd turning on Bush, she replied: MSNBC transcripts

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MS. O’BEIRNE: I think there might be a larger, more generic lesson about Matthew Dowd, as we head into the next campaign season. Put not your faith in princes, the biblical admonition. He fell in love with a candidate. He’s a Democrat. There weren’t too many Democrats who fell in love with George Bush in 2000, certainly even fewer in 2004. You know, lying with a candidate takes a, I think, cold-hearted, clear-eyed disposition. Half of all marriages fail, so falling in love with a candidate, I said—I think is a risky business, and this Democrat fell in love with a candidate and is now disillusioned.

Dowd was a chief strategist for Bush which helped win his Presidency and all she can tell us is that he is in a divorce proceeding? I hope Dowd gets Crawford Ranch out of it...How does Russert defend this decision? Oh, never mind...

This explains a lot. Christy says that Alberto Gonzales was so bad in preps for the Bobble heads that he couldn't go on....

At a recent "prep" for a prospective Sunday talk-show interview, Gonzales's performance was so poor that top aides scrapped any live appearances.


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