More Boneheaded Than "Bring 'Em On"

Joshua Holland and Raed Jarrar write on the Korea model meme that the White House is currently floating:

If ..reporters had made some long-distance calls, they might have added a crucial bit of context to their stories: that regardless of what the White House may or may not have planned for the future of Iraq, the fact that they would even mention a 50-year strategy in public was profoundly bone-headed -- far more so than Bush's infamous challenge to Iraqi insurgents to "bring 'em on!"

They would quickly have realized that talking about the Korea model is a godsend for the recruiters of Iraq's armed resistance groups and a profound betrayal of even the White House's closest allies in Baghdad -- many of whom returned from exile during the Saddam era and are now struggling to convince the population that they're not merely puppets of the Anglo-American occupation. Read full article


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