Mike's Blog Round Up

A useful meme from Faithful Progressive: GOP candidates who support the Libby iPardon are soft on crime and national security.

The Cato Institute lists a few sentences the President has inexplicably neglected to commute.  (Link courtesy of the damnedest blog you've never read, Racrecir.)

Bad Attitudes: Even the Freepers know a criminal mob when they see one.  (Also: he used to be the Decider.  Now he's the Commuter of Scooter.)

A Tiny Revolution:  Why are so many foreigners constitutionally incapable of appreciating American exceptionalism?

Cinemablend:  Sign of the apocalypse: Texans in ten-gallon hats say "hell yeah" to Sicko.

The Executioner's Thong:  Ooh, baby, it's the fourth of July.

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