MoveOn Targets Katie Couric's Stenography

From their email:

The media's failure to ask tough questions helped President Bush get us into Iraq. Now, it's happening again--blind repetition of Bush's Iraq lies. If the media doesn't shape up, our troops could be stuck in Iraq for years.

This past week, CBS News anchor Katie Couric reported from Iraq. Rather than asking tough questions to Bush and Gen. David Petraeus, Couric asked softballs and then repeated White House talking points--over and over again. Bush's troop escalation is failing miserably, but Couric's viewers got the opposite impression. [..]

Our nation can't afford Couric's lapdog journalism--we need strong watchdog journalism. Can you watch the video exposing Couric's bad reporting and email her today?

If you do email Katie, please let MoveOn know that you did.

UPDATE: Christy at FireDogLake has more...


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