A Little Visual Aid

After I posted about the CBO's estimation that the occupation in Iraq may end up costing the U.S. $2.4Trillion, I received this link from a C&Ler:

Using the actual size of a dollar bill, this is how large a stack of $9 million would be:

And using the same scale, this is $191 Billion, which is $5 Billion dollars shy of what Bush has demanded Congress give him with no restrictions or benchmarks THIS YEAR.

That little dark spot is the car from the above graphic. But wait, there's more

And here is $315 Billion

Now multiply that by 7. That still is not $2.4Trillion dollars. So do Bush's tax cuts still seem like a good idea? This is one bill that's gonna hurt, not only us--but our children and our children's children when it comes due.


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