Limbaugh Attacks!

Rush Limbaugh went after a young HS graduate on his radio show because she broke down and cried talking about the environment and Global Warming.

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An 18-year-old Inuit from Alaska sobbed through her congressional testimony before Edward Markey's committee this morning as she described Global Warming's disastrous effects on her community. Of course, Rush Limbaugh didn't hesitate to attack her on his radio show today.

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The Gavel has the video of her testimony.

Lockwood:...just through my lifetime I've seen so many changes in our communities that it just hurts, it's really scary to lose our tradition, our culture. We've been living here for thousands of years and it's not just that we're losing our food, it's losing our homes because we are spiritually connected and emotionally and physically connected to our homes. There are so many communities that are in trouble. It's an emergency, we need to take action now."

(Cheryl) Charlee Lockwood From St. Michael Village in Alaska, Cheryl Lockwood has taken a leadership role in her community on environmental issues. Cheryl has traveled the state of Alaska giving climate change presentations to her peers, and gathering signatures demanding action on issues of global warming. For all of her work, Charlee received the Alaska Conservation Foundation Denny Wilcher Award for Outstanding High School Activism


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