Huckabee's "Prophetic" Understanding Of Pakistan

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Mike Huckabee is desperately trying to prove that he has more on the ball than Bush had back in 2000 when he couldn't name the leader of Pakistan. Talk about setting a low bar for yourself.

So when asked about a foreign policy statement made several months ago that focused more on Pakistan than the then-neocon terrorism target-du jour, Iran, Huckabee insisted that his perspicuity was the result of "prophetic" understanding of our challenges in the "War on Terror"™.

Uh, right. Out of curiosity, was it prophetic when just last week, when asked for a response to Bhutto's assassination, Huckabee didn't know that martial law had been lifted and railed about needing the border fence to keep out Pakistani illegals (does he even know where the Pakistan border even is?)?


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