CNN Reports That Lobbyists Are Trying To Influence The Economic Stimulus Package

You've seen by now that the market is tanking badly and there is a lot of talk about "stimulus packages" being worked on by The Democratic led Congress along with Helicopter Ben. On CNN, Susan Lisovicz, made this quite revealing statement:

Democrats are expected to propose rebates to individuals, they do not want permanent extension of tax cuts--- republicans not only want rebates but perhaps they're interested in lower tax rates for businesses and we are told that lobbyists are working overdrive in Washington trying to make sure that their cash cows are not effected by any economic stimulus plan but no matter what the FED chairman was saying today, the fact is the DOW industrial and the market in general have recorded the sixth sell off in the first twelve trading days...

Does this come as a shock to you? Their interests are never about the country---only about the cash cows and the incredible wealth that flows through their pockets and out of the working class of America.

UPDATE: (I'll be on with Rachel Maddow at 6:30 pm EST talking about the very important Indiana Voter ID case)


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