War Protesters Interrupt John McCain's Foreign Policy Speech In Colorado: Updated

As John McCain was speaking at the Cable Center at the University of Denver, giving a speech on foreign policy issues, including nukes---war protesters shouted, "endless war, endless war," and I believe, "end this war, end this war, "causing him to pause his speech a few times...His supporters then started to yell John McCain...

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McCain: Forty five years ago, President John F Kennedy asked the American people to imagine, what the world would look like if Nuclear weapons spread beyond the few powers that then held them. To the many other nations that sought them. Stop and think for a moment he said, what it would mean to have nuclear weapons in so many hands large and small...

Protester: Endless war, endless war, Endless war, endless war.... end this war, end this war...

Crowd: John McCain, John McCain.

McCain: You know ahhh, it's not too important, but I have town hall meetings all the time, I'll be having one tomorrow where people are allowed to come and state their views and we exchange them and the one thing we don't do is interfere with other people's right to free speech, but that doesn't seem to be the case with these people

Weren't these people exercising their right to free speech, Mr McCain? It happened a total of four times from what I've heard so far... They were removed peacefully. John is proud of the fact that he has town hall meetings and let's people speak---well---he better buckle up. I imagine they'll go to the Bush/Cheney loyalty oath pledges soon enough....McCain actually uses part of a John F. Kennedy speech to try and scare the nation into voting for him...

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