Romney Can't Name One McCain Accomplishment On Energy: UPDATED

With Blitzer:

BLITZER: All right, a serious charge. Can you cite one legislative accomplishment that Senator McCain produced during those 26 years in Washington, in order to achieve energy independence?

ROMNEY: Well, I'm not a historian that goes through all of the pieces of legislation John McCain has worked on.

Mitt's not a historian. Gotcha! Hey Mitt---did you miss the talking points memo?

Now the high comedy begins:

But let's talk about one piece of legislation that's pretty relevant, and that's the Bush energy plan, which Barack Obama voted in favor of. And John McCain looked at and it said, it's so larded-up with tax breaks and special incentives to oil companies and gas companies, John McCain voted no on that piece of legislation.

Romney throws George Bush under the bus. That is too much. It's a calculated move that McCain will take because he's backed almost everything Bush has done.


And speaking of not being a historian, don't ask him for his opinion on anything because Mitt Romney ain't a lot of things.

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