Mike's Blog Roundup

Newshoggers: The White House claims Osama was not the 9/11 mastermind! Despite that startling assertion, G-Dub is pulling out all the stops to apprehend the apparently peripheral terrorist.

Americablog: Newsweek is reporting McCain lied about a Factcheck.org report, and CBS caught that 'honorable' man lying in the same ad about Katie Couric. That's integrity! Next thing ya know he'll be denouncing the Cub Scouts. What a bunch of irredeemable sh*theels.

Catsandbeer: The real list of books the Talibunny tried to have banned

EconoSpeak: Anti-trust a la Bush

Prose Before Hos: I'm not sure America is ready for a smart president

First Draft: Embrace the Pig. Panda over at Gahzette was doing it back in 2006! (h/t CLW)


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