Jon Stewart Rips McCain, GOP Duplicity On Off-shore Drilling

Whenever you're looking for some disingenuous flip-floppery, there's no better place to turn than Jon Stewart and the Republican party.

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Stewart: As you know, our country, America, is having a robust discussion right now about energy -- we're addicted oil, black gold, Texas tea, dinosaur love juice. Basically there's two schools of thought. Some people think offshore drilling is the answer...

McCain (Aug. 6): We have to drill here, and we have to drill now, and we have to drill immediately.

Stewart: Other people are against drilling. Think it's just a band-aid....

McCain (May 28): It will only postpone or temporarily relieve our dependency on fossil fuels.

Stewart: Boy, I'd like to be fly n the wall when those two run into each other.


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