The Rachel Maddow Show: Rep. John LaBruzzo (LA) Wants To Sterilize Low Income Women

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You know, it would really be much easier to not go all Godwin on the Republicans if they wouldn't just open themselves up for such blatant charges of being Nazis. The thing that never ceases to astonish me is how little they attempt to hide it. ABC News:

That heartbreaking scenario (of people displaced after natural disasters like Hurricane Gustav) inspired Louisiana Republican State Rep. John LaBruzzo to start thinking about ways to stem generational welfare, in which many welfare recipients have children who also end up dependent on government assistance, according to the representative.

His idea -- giving $1,000 to poor women to undergo reproductive sterilization by Fallopian tube ligation -- is stirring up controversy among some medical professionals, who say that the proposal is offensive and smacks of long-discredited eugenics programs.

LaBruzzo has also suggested other controversial ideas: paying poor men to get vasectomies and giving tax incentives for college-educated wealthy couples to have more children.

LaBruzzo doesn't know why it would be considered eugenics if it's voluntary or racist if most welfare recipients are white. I don't know why this guy has a job representing the people of Louisiana.


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