Chris Christie's 'Psychic' Distress

While the mainstream media will make a concerted effort to not compare and contrast contradictory statements made by Chris Christie in his press conference, there was one that means Christie is either a liar or psychic.

It is so much fun to hop on Twitter when a high profile press conference takes place to watch how ordinary Americans usually have a much better grasp of political implications than the traditional media. While Chris Cilizza and SE Cupp think that the damage to Chris Christie's political future has been mitigated by the interminable press conference, average Americans saw it much differently.

And several non-Villagers caught this little discrepancy in Chris Christie's mea culpa, claiming several times that he had two very sleepless nights while simultaneously insisting that he only found out about this yesterday..

Which means that Chris Christie is one of two things: a psychic, who tormented himself with a sleepless night before learning the truth, or he's a liar.

Given the name of the blog, can you guess which one we think?

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