Convicted Felon Doctor Was Selling Oklahomans $300 'Jesus Shot'

They don't know what's in it, but it's from Jesus, so it must be good.

Remember, the patients who bought this are entitled to vote:

EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond doctor is under fire for allegedly injecting patients across Oklahoma with a mysterious formula called the "Jesus shot."

Dr. John Michael Lonergan is a former federal prison inmate who was convicted of tax evasion, mail fraud and healthcare fraud in Ohio. Lonergan is also known as "Dr. Mike."

In 2005, the State Medical Board of Ohio permanently revoked Lonergan's medical license following his federal convictions. After Lonergan's incarceration, the Oklahoma Medical Board voted to allow Lonergan to practice medicine in 2012 under state supervision.

Recent e-mails sent to News 9's newsroom claim the doctor is actively injecting people across the state with a mysterious formula called the "Jesus shot." News 9 tracked Lonergan to Full Circle Health in Edmond as well as Doorway To Health in Moore. A receptionist at the Edmond clinic answered questions in a recorded phone call with News 9.

News 9: "Why is it called the Jesus shot?

Clinic: "I don't know why [Lonergan] calls it that."

News 9: "What's in it?"

Clinic: "You would have to sit down for a consultation with [Lonergan]. I do not know what the formula is."

Full Circle Health Clinic Director Barbie Schrick says Lonergan is a part-time employee. Schrick promises to investigate Lonergan's "miracle injection." The "Jesus shot" is described as an injection that takes away pain for life. It costs $300, according to the clinic.

"I am so glad you're telling me about this," Schrick told News 9's Michael Konopasek. "Thank God for the news that investigates and finds things out for people. Thank you."

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