Open Thread - American Spring-ers, Arise!

Whether you've got ten million, or just ten, at your rally, remember Reagan rode a dinosaur!
Open Thread - American Spring-ers, Arise!

Okay, now I get this whole "the earth is six thousand years old" thing, because teabagger math says ten million people showed up in Washington today to overthrow the government. 300 = ten million so 6000 = 200 million. Now if we can find the multiplier that moves the age of the earth to the even more accurate number of around 4.5 billion years, we'd be getting somewhere.

Or, as my better half put it, "Whenever two or more teabaggers are gathered in his name, Saint Ronnie will ride in on his Mofo Dino and make it feel like there's millions of yuhs!"

Image of Reagan and the Velociraptor from here. h/t Heather and @gneicco.

Open thread below....

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