'Up Against The Clock' Contestants - Flyover Ignorance?

Contestants on Steve Kornacki's Up Against the Clock can't answer the lead question in Illinois

h/t Heather for the video.

I suppose it's because I live in Illinois, where we have heard nothing in state-wide news except "the state pension crisis" for as long as I can remember, but the blanks drawn on this question from Steve Kornacki? Are they for real?

Why should left-coast media types care about the pension crisis in the fly-over state of Illinois? Just because a Democratic legislature and Governor actually came to an agreement (one that makes nearly everyone furious, but still) to try to solve the problem of underfunded pensions for state employees? It's not like Illinois is the only state with this problem, just one of the few that's actually passed legislation to try to fix it.

Even The New York Times has covered this state's pension crisis in almost two thousand stories in the past 365 days.

Honestly, New York City may be the center of the universe to provincial Manhattan-based journos, but don't you read your own newspaper, the Paper of Record?

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