Morning Joe: Media Bias Is Always That Republicans Are Stupid. Just Don't Mention Bush, Palin, Or Limbaugh

Media Bias Against Republicans, That They're Stupid, But Don't Mention Bush, Palin, or Limbaugh


The reaction on Morning Joe to Chris Wallace's "flake" comment is, naturally, to play the victim card. Liberals and the "liberal media" have a horrible bias against Republicans, who are portrayed oh-so-falsely as being stupid.

True to the gospel of conservative punditry, Scarborough obeys their third commandment: "Nothing shalt have happened after the Reagan Administration." Joe uses examples of Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, and Reagan himself as victims of this "stupid Republican" media bias.

Because who would want to add George W. Bush or Sarah Palin, or the extreme anti-intellectualism of the leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, to the argument?

Scarborough's so-called "argument" falls apart at the mention of anti-intellectualism. Republicans promote candidates who are aw-shucks plain folks to run the free world. Remember that the argument FOR voting for George W. Bush was that you wanted to have a beer with him. Sarah Palin's complete disinterest shall I put this? ...READING... is a charming attribute to her politically illiterate and sometimes functionally illiterate following.

As Heather said to me in an email: "The other thing that kills me watching the coverage of Bachmann today is the media already has their talking points on her. She's now officially declared "serious" because she managed to respond to Wallace without looking like a complete idiot. And now that she's played the victim card like Palin and mean old Chris Wallace treated her unfairly, no one else in the media is allowed to ask that same question of her. So they've declared her now insulated. Unfriggin' believable."

The beltway punditry that passes for journalism in this country is now fawning over Michele Bachmann because she paid big bucks to a political consultant -- Ed Rollins -- and is doing what her handler tells her to do.

We've got serious problems and hard times ahead in the United States and the world. Bachmann's answers to those problems include defunding "Obamacare" without a single idea to replace it, except voting for the Ryan Budget to turn Medicare into a private insurance voucher program. Then when it became obvious (even to her) that the Ryan vote was a political disaster, she put an "asterisk" on her vote.

Perhaps she can put an asterisk on her comparison of taxing the young to the Holocaust. And another asterisk on the tireless efforts of the founding fathers to end slavery.

The Beltway is erasing all memory of Bachmann's crazy statements because those were made before Ed Rollins put his magic collar on her. Remember when Karl Rove was Bush's Brain? Ed Rollins, who also worked for stellar candidates Ross Perot and Katherine Harris (before he quit), is now Bachmann's Brain. Why? Because in the anti-intellectual cloister that is today's Republican Party, a hired brain is the best you can do? When is the Republican Party going to admit you need a brain of your own to be qualified to run for President?

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