December 3, 1947 - Riots, Russia And Inflation

News of the day for December 3, 1947 - riots in Palestine and growing violence throughout the region. Britain and the partition of Palestine. Demonstrations and riots in Italy. Strikes in France. Russia going through economic hard times. Cold War. Inflation news at home.


This day in 1947 was rather violent as days go. Strikes and riots in Italy. Strikes and riots in France. Riots and street battles in Palestine and all over the region. Demonstrations everywhere. Russia having economic problems. The Partitioning of Palestine was the topic of discussion at the United Nations with talk of setting up a peacekeeping force for the region when the British finally left. The U.N. mulling the possibilities of combined Russian and U.S. peacekeeping troops serving side by side. Domestic inflation was a concern with meat consumption skyrocketing in recent months and talk of price controls.

Small wonder Alka-Seltzer sponsored this newscast from December 3, 1947.

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