Newstalgia Reference Room - Documents For Ear - The 1950 Mid-terms

Newstalgia Reference Room - Documents For Ear - The 1950 Mid-Term Elections. CBS Radio documentary on the 1950 elections, narrated by Edward R. Murrow from November 9, 1950


Since we're gearing up for the final sprint towards the 2010 Mid-Terms, I thought I would start running some documentaries on past mid-term elections, starting with 1950. It seems then, as now, mud-slinging was an acknowledged art form and one eagerly employed by most candidates. The names have changed, the universal enemy (back then it was Communism) has changed, but the innuendos, sleights and counter-charges are all still there.

This documentary, part of CBS Radio's Report To The Nation series airing on November 9, 1950, is narrated by Edward R. Murrow who gives his usual astute assessment:

Edward R. Murrow: “Those who failed to vote, and deplore the outcome may recall George Jean Nathan’s statement that bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”

Sixty years later that sentiment still applies.

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