Maddow To Iraq War Architects: 'You Can Go Now'


Rachel Maddow finished up her show this Wednesday by first taking her audience through the mountain of B.S. sold by the Bush administration that was used to lie us into invading Iraq, and then explained why none of them should be welcome in the debate on whether there should be military intervention in Syria.

After pointing out that the word Iraq was not mentioned even once during Donald Rumsfeld's interview on Fox where he was attacking the Obama administration this Wednesday, Maddow let loose.

MADDOW: You know, nobody called Michael Brown this past week on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to ask how he thinks we're doing now on hurricane preparedness. Nobody called Lance Armstrong any time recently to ask how we're handling steroid use in sports. Nobody seeks the advice of Bob Ney or Rod Blagojevich from prison to talk to them about ethics and public officials. You might ask them about prison, or hair care, or how they feel about the Red Sox vs the Tigers tonight. But you would not seek their counsel, their advice, their wisdom on the thing that ended their careers ignominious humiliation. You would not ask their opinion on that.

If you're an architect or a conspirator or one of the primary actors in the Iraq war, in arguably the grandest, the most craven foreign policy disaster in American history, your opinion is no longer required on matters of war and peace. Please enjoy painting portraits of dogs, or something, painting portraits of yourself in the bathroom trying to get clean.

Please enjoy the forgiving company of your family, your loved ones and your god, but we as a country never, ever, need to hear from you about war, ever again. You can go now.

I agree with her completely on whether any of them should be brought on television for interviews. It's too bad her own network doesn't heed her advice, since Rumsfeld appeared NBC that same morning.

And there's no shortage of neocons on there as well. Dan Senor is a regular fixture on Morning Joe and now you've even got Bloody Bill Kristol showing up on Meet the Press, Morning Joe and Andrea Mitchell's show, and those are just some very recent examples.

I also hate to break it to Rachel, but if she doesn't think Bob Ney should be brought on television to discuss politics or political ethics, she might want to have a talk with Bill Maher, since he had Ney on his show at the end of July.


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